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What we do

It's All About Going The Distance - One Step At A Time

What We Do

Allume International is a consulting, implementation, leadership company dedicated to your company's international sales and revenue growth. We specialize in assessing exactly where your best global growth opportunities lie, helping you implement the most successful strategic and operational growth initiatives and, should you desire, leading your company's international sales team to deliver on those initiatives.

We are a sales and revenue growth company. In fact, our motto "Growth Beyond Borders", is attached to everything we do. We are dedicated to success and our success is defined by the sales and revenue growth of our clients.

Achieving successful sales and revenue growth does not come by accident. Our clients benefit from a focused, strategic sales growth plan developed through many hours, weeks, months and even years of hard work.

Our strong capabilities are focused on five main deliverables. Our clients have the ability to choose one, all or any combination of our services.

  • Sales & Market Research Analysis Report

    We provide an in-depth, thoroughly researched, professionally prepared analysis of our clients’ current sales and distribution systems, their current markets, their products, their competitors markets and products, along with alternatives and options as to where, when and how they can grow internationally.
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  • Feasibility Studies and Financial Pro Forma Analysis

    Our team of highly experienced financial professionals can provide our clients with detail financial and marketing feasibility studies and proformas, offering decision-makers the critical information they need to make the best sales expansion decisions possible. We look at the opportunities identified by the Sales and Market Research Analysis Report and assist our clients in identifying the financial feasibility of these opportunities, including methods of financing those opportunities.
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  • Development and Implementation of a Strategic Growth Plan

    We work with our clients to develop and implement an effective, efficient sales and revenue growth plan based on their selected distribution models. We can work with your existing sales team and / or leadership team in developing the most effective distribution plan possible for the countries, markets, products and services you wish to pursue.
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  • Sales and Marketing Management

    We are able to serve as the outsourced international sales division for our clients, taking active on-going management responsibility for the international sales and marketing function, under the leadership of the Company’s senior officers and owners. One we have identified and implemented the most efficient and cost-effective distribution system, we have the ability to remain fully engaged, and continue leading and expanding sales and revenue growth to its fullest potential.
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