10 Tips for Expansion

Growth can be the most satisfying part of being a part of business, but it that doesn’t mean the process is easy.  Expanding to  a new country can make you tear your hairs out if you aren’t prepared.  These tips and advice can help you form your playbook for your expansion.


Look at your funnel data and map it against the top countries from which you’re already seeing positive indicators — such as traffic, MQLs, higher win rates, and shorter sales cycles.   It’s important to understand and know the different factors in your market as well.


Setting your sights on a few targets allows you to focus more of your attention and not get to fragmented.  There might be instances where regional grouping makes sense.


If fast, near-term growth is the goal, think about markets that might be smaller and easier to penetrate, so that they can carry you into some of the bigger markets within the same region later.


This kind of information is available pretty widely.  Tools like Google Trends can help you identify what your target consumers are talking about.


Similarly, it’s important to pay close attention to your keyword usage.  This hasn’t changed for year and won’t.  Keywords will always be key to communicating with the audience you want.


Even if you’re only writing in English, you can attract incredible traffic from a given country by covering country-relevant trends within a blog post.


Segment your database by country and language. Then, clone top campaigns for each market instead of creating new ones from scratch. Adapt them and localize them as needed


This one is overlooked fairly often.  There are so many international call forwarding services that it shouldn’t be difficult to identify one.  This just makes your customers life a lot easier when trying to contact you.


If you can’t handle incoming calls in other languages, you can access a phone-based interpreting service that will connect an interpreter to the line within seconds.


Which companies already have a strong presence in the countries you are targeting? Consider joining forces and sharing resources to deliver co-marketing campaigns. Here are some great tips to get you started.

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